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Compaq BA370 Raid rack-mount enclosure - Overview

Product description

Figure 1: BA370 - Raid rack-mount enclosure

The DS-BA370-AA/AB is an integrated backplane that will support the HSZ70 or HSG80 controller. This UltraSCSI enclosure has the equivalent of 4 device shelves for up to 24 UltraSCSI devices. The controller shelf includes an EMU to monitor temperature and blowers, and a PVA for Power Verification Addressing.


Product features

Key features
The major features of the BA370 are as follows:
  • UltraSCSI

  • Rack mountable or pedestal enclosure

  • StorageWorks compatible

  • Holds up to twenty-four 3½- in disk drive SBBs per BA370

  • Redundant power distribution

  • Contains six, single-ended, Ultra Wide SBB backplane SCSI buses

  • No internal SCSI bus cables

  • Possible array controllers:

    • A StorageWorks HSZ70 RAID array controller that is compatible with the approved host computer SCSI bus adapters

    • A StorageWorks HSG80 RAID array controller that is compatible with the approved host computer Fibre Channel bus adapters

  • Redundant ac power entry controllers

  • All major components, except the single ended I/O modules and PVA module, can be replaced using the hot-swap method

  • Fault monitoring and reporting capability for incorrect voltages, shelf blower failure, power supply failure, and excessive operating temperature

  • The BA370 may be used as a master or an expansion unit

NOTE: Degraded operation or non-compliance

The 'DS-xxxxx-xx' model number prefix defines new DIGITAL storage products. In some cases, these numbers may be similar to an existing product number. For example, DS-BA35X-HE ac power controller and BA35X-HE ac power controller. These products are not interchangeable. Installing incompatible products in a StorageWorks subsystem could result in degraded operation or non-compliance with country specific certifications.

Option part number
Spare part number
70-32852-01 blue
70-32852-02 gray
Raid pedestal
Raid pedestal
Raid rack-mount enclosure
Device support
6 single ended I/O modules
6 expandable single ended I/O modules
BA35X-MN - Single-ended I/O modules


Legal Disclaimer: Products sold prior to the November 1, 2015 separation of Hewlett-Packard Company into Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company and HP Inc. may have older product names and model numbers that differ from current models.

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