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HP ProLiant ML350 G4 Server - Overview

Product description

The new ProLiant ML350 G4 is a 2-way server that is expansion-optimized for rack or standalone deployment. It now offers enhanced performance derived from advanced technology.


Product features

  • Intel Xeon Processor 3.4 GHz/800-1MB L2

  • Intel Xeon Processor 3.2 GHz/800-1MB L2

  • Intel Xeon Processor 3.0 GHz/800-1MB L2

NOTE: The ML350 G4 heatsink has been redesigned to a heatsink fan assembly - an active heatsink - that provides thermal cooling for the processor.
Cache memory
Integrated 1MB Level 2 cache
Upgradeable to dual processing
Intel E7520 chipset with 800 MHz front side bus
PC2700 DDR SDRAM with Advanced ECC capabilities, running at 333MHz
  • Standard (Non-Array models) 512MB

  • Standard (Array models) 1GB

Maximum 8GB, (2GB DIMMs in four memory slots). See Memory Configuring page for details.
Network controller
NC7761 PCI Gigabit NIC (Embedded)
Memory protection
Advanced ECC
Expansion slots
Six total expansion slots
  • (4) PCI-X Slots support

    • 64-bit/133 MHz (1)

    • 64-bit/100 MHz (2)

    • 64-bit/66 MHz PCI-X (1) (Array model has 0 available)

  • (2) PCI-E Which support up to 8 x PCI-EXPRESS expansion boards

NOTE: All slots can accept universal keyed PCI cards.
NOTE: Slots are enumerated differently based on OS. Microsoft OS's enumerate from lowest to highest Device ID by bus (Starting with the lowest bus).
Storage controller
  • Integrated Dual Channel U320 SCSI adapter

  • Smart Array 641 Controller (Standard in Array Models only)

  • Diskette drives - 1.44MB

  • CD-ROM - 48x IDE (ATAPI) CD-ROM Drive

  • Hard drives

  • Single hard drive Included in non hot plug SCSI models only
    • Maximum Internal Storage

      • 1.174TB in hot plug SCSI models(6 x 146.8GB with standard internal hot plug drive cage + (2 x 146.8GB) with optional ML3xx two bay hot plug SCSI drive cage)

      • 581.6GB in non hot plug SCSI models (4 x 72GB with standard cage + 2 x 146.8GB with optional ML3xx two bay hot plug SCSI drive cage)

    • External storage two external SCSI knockouts available; optional ProLiant ML350 internal to external SCSI cable option kit required for external connections

    NOTE: Both hot plug and non-hot plug SCSI models are available; an optional duplex SCSI backplane is supported on hot plug models. Hot plug models and array models do not ship with a hard drive. The drives must be purchased separately. Non-Hot plug models ship with one hard drive.
  • Parallel - 1

  • Serial - 1 (optional 2nd Serial port available)

  • Pointing Device (Mouse) - 1

  • Graphics - 1

  • Keyboard - 1

  • Network RJ-45 - 1

  • USB - 2
    NOTE: Please see the following URL for additional information regarding USB support:

    Click here for USB Support Matrix

  • External SCSI knockouts - 2

Integrated ATI RAGE XL Video Controller with 8MB SDRAM video memory
Form factor
Tower or rack (5U)
NOTE: Rack models (And rack conversion kit) support:
  • Square hole racks from 27- 32 inches deep (Including Compaq/HP 7000, 9000, 10000 and H9 series)

  • Square or round hole racks, from 24 - 35 inches deep (Including HP Rack System /E and HP Systems, with an adjustment)

  • Telco racks with 3rd part option kit from Rack Solutions

Industry standard compliance
  • ACPI V1.0B Compliant

  • PCI 2.2 Compliant

  • PXE Support

  • WOL Support

  • PCI-X 1.0 Compliant

  • Novell Certified

  • Microsoft Logo certifications

Power supply
725W hot pluggable power supply ships standard and an optional redundant power supply can be installed for 1+1 redundancy. Non-hot plug models support one non-hot pluggable 460W power supply.
Server power cords
  • Tower models ship standard with a 12 inch country specific, lowline NEMA power cord.

  • Rack models ship standard with a 10 inch IEC cable. Rack models for some countries also include a 12 inch NEMA cord.

NOTE: Most redundant power supply options ship with a 12-inch country specific power cord. The one exception is the IEC redundant power supply (P/N 358352-B21) which ships with a 10-inch IEC cable only.
System fans
One fan ships standard, two fans total supported (Does not include power supply fans)
OS Support
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (Enterprise, Standard, SBS, and Web editions)

  • Microsoft Small Business Servers 2003 and 2000

  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Server and Advanced Server

  • Novell NetWare

  • Novell NetWare Small Business Suite

  • LINUX (Red Hat, SuSE, and UnitedLinux)

NOTE: For a complete and up-to-date listing of supported OSs and versions, please visit our OS Support Matrix at: Click here to visit the Support Matrix .
NOTE: For a more complete and up-to-date information on Linux support, please visit HP Linux Website Click here to visit the HP Linux website
NOTE: Optional hardware may be required to support some operating systems.
Intelligent manageability
  • Insight Manager 7

  • HP Systems Insight Manager

  • Redundant ROM

  • System Firmware Update

  • ROMPaq

  • Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition II (optional)

  • ProLiant RBSU (ROM-Based Setup Utility)

  • Automatic Server Recovery-2 (ASR-2)

  • Drive Parameter Tracking (with Smart Array Controller)

  • Dynamic Sector Repairing (with Smart Array Controller)

  • Pre-Failure Warranty (covers processors, memory and hard drives)
    NOTE: Limited warranty includes three year parts, three years labor, and three year onsite support.
    • To use the pre-failure warranty, the customer must install Insight Manager (included with their server in the ProLiant Essentials Foundation Pack). Insight Manager monitors the status of all of the server's components and provides pre-failure warnings on processors, memory, and hard drives. This means that before one of these parts fails, customer's should receive a warning of impending failure. When that warning is received they can order a service spare through the standard process and send in the pre-failed or failed part after replacing it with the spare.

  • Power-on password

  • Setup password

  • Diskette boot control

  • Parallel and serial interface control

  • Disk configuration lock

  • Power switch security

Service and support
Three-year limited warranty, including hardware diagnostic support and pre-failure warranty (coverage of hard drives, memory and processors)
The warranty is fully supported by HP Services and a worldwide network of resellers and service providers. In addition, 90-day "Getting Started" software telephone support may be covered under the warranty or available for an additional fee. Enhancements to warranty services are available through HP Care Pack services.
Care Pack services provide a range of life cycle support options that let you choose the service levels that meet your business requirements, from basic to mission-critical. A full range of HP Care Pack hardware and software services are available including:
  • Installation and start up

  • Education courses

  • Extended onsite hardware coverage hours from same business day 13 hours, 5 day to 24 hours, 7 days call window with options including 4-hour response or 6-hour Call To Repair

  • Comprehensive range of software technical support for Microsoft, Linux, ProLiant Essentials and VMWare-based IT solutions helping to deliver high level of application availability. Response times range from 30 minutes for critical problems to two hours.

  • System Management, Performance Services and Mission Critical Support Solution

HP Care Pack Services include HP branded hardware options qualified for the server, purchased at the same time or afterwards, internal to the enclosure, as well as 22 inches and smaller external monitors and tower UPS options up to 3KVA. 22 inches and smaller external monitors will be covered at the same service level and coverage period as the server. For servers or storage systems installed within a rack, service also covers all HP qualified rack options installed within the same rack.


Link to driver, firmware, software and manuals

Click here to access the updated driver, firmware, software and manuals


Legal Disclaimer: Products sold prior to the November 1, 2015 separation of Hewlett-Packard Company into Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company and HP Inc. may have older product names and model numbers that differ from current models.

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