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HPE Integrated Lights Out (iLO 4) - Configuring SNMP Settings

Configuring SNMP Settings


Configure iLO Settings privilege

Configuring the SNMP settings

  1. Navigate to the Administration, Management page.

  2. On the SNMP Settings tab, select the SNMP setting to enable: agentless management or SNMP Pass-thru.

  3. If user selected agentless management, enter the following values. These values are unavailable when the SNMP Pass-thru configuration is selected:

    • System location

    • System contact

    • System role

    • System role detail

    • Read community

  4. Enter the following information:

    • Trap community

    • SNMP Aaert destination(s)

    • SNMP port

  5. To save the configuration, click Apply .

SNMP options

SNMP management configuration - Choose one of the following:

  • Agentless management (default) - Use SNMP agents running on iLO to manage the server. In this configuration, iLO fulfills SNMP requests sent by the client to iLO over the network. This setting does not affect alerts.

  • SNMP Pass-thru - Use SNMP agents running on the host operating system to manage the server. SNMP requests sent by the client to iLO over the network are passed to the host operating system. The responses are then passed to iLO and returned to the client over the network. This setting does not affect alerts.

  • Trap community - The configured SNMP trap community string.

  • SNMP alert destination(s) - The IP addresses or FQDNs of up to three remote management systems that will receive SNMP alerts from iLO.

    Typically, user enter the HPE SIM server console IP address in one of the SNMP Alert Destination(s) boxes

    When SNMP alert destination are configured using FQDNs, and DNS provides both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for the FQDNs, iLO sends traps to the address specified by the iLO Client Applications use IPv6 first setting. If iLO client applications use IPv6 first is selected, traps will be sent to IPv6 addresses (when available). When iLO Client Applications use IPv6 first is not selected, traps will be sent to IPv4 addresses (when available).

  • SNMP Port -The port used for SNMP communications. This value is read-only, but can be modified on the Administration, Access Settings page.

    To navigate to the Administration, Access Settings page, click the SNMP Port link.

SNMP options (agentless management configuration only)

  • System Location - A string of up to 49 characters that specifies the physical location of the server.

  • System Contact - A string of up to 49 characters that specifies the system administrator or server owner. The string can include a name, email address, or phone number.

  • System Role - A string of up to 64 characters that describes the server role or function.

  • System Role Detail - A string of up to 512 characters that describes specific tasks that the server might perform.

  • Read Community - The configured SNMP read-only community string. Read Community supports the following formats:
    • ◦ A community string (for example, public). ◦ A community string followed by an IP address or FQDN (for example, public Use this option to specify that SNMP access will be allowed from the specified IP address or FQDN. For iLO 4 1.10 or later, user can enter an IPv4 address, an IPv6 address, or an FQDN.

SNMPv3 authentication

iLO 4 1.20 or later supports SNMPv3 authentication when user use the agentless management configuration.

The following security features of SNMPv3 enable secure data collection from SNMP agents:

  • Message integrity prevents tampering during packet transmission.

  • Encryption prevents packet snooping.

  • Authentication ensures that packets are from a valid source.

By default, SNMPv3 supports the User-based Security Model. With this model, security parameters are configured at both the agent level and the manager level. Messages exchanged between the agent and the manager are subject to a data integrity check and data origin authentication. iLO supports three user profiles in which user can set the SNMPv3 USM parameters.

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