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HPE Micro Datacenter - Overview

Product description

HPE Micro Datacenter is a self-contained single rack modular, software-defined data center optimized to provide the cloud-enabled, hybrid IT environment of the future. It incorporates compute, network, storage, and control automation. It has all the protection you need a data center to have. And it’s on wheels. It’s a complete, though tiny, enterprise IT data center that enables the flexibility to deploy computing where and when you need it while maintaining the efficiency, security, and control of your corporate data centers. Micro Datacenter lets service providers expand or enter new geographies and markets without construction delays. And it enables them to provide IaaS on client premises, bringing their hosted cloud benefits to their client’s backyard while maintaining the economic benefits of cloud computing.


Product features

HPE factory express
  • One of the key features of the HPE Micro Datacenter product line is the ability for IT infrastructures to be factory installed by HPE Factory Express Integration and Lifecycle services.

  • HPE Factory Express Customer Designed Solution Integration Service provides integration with onsite start-up, along with the ability to specify more detailed configurations.

Micro datacenter facilities features
  • EIA 19 in rack 1200 mm depth

  • Thermally rated and structurally reinforced

  • Manufactured of top, bottom and side thermal insulation panels

  • Extremely robust construction

  • Protection against water and dust with an elastomeric seal fitted all over the door panel into the door frame

  • Fire protection: EI90 minutes (acc. to EN13501) or Energy Efficient insulation

  • Castor wheels

  • Detachable structure

  • Earth-bonding point fitted on the top side of the rack

  • Cable gland for data/power, mounted at the bottom of the rack with capacity for 50 UTP cables

  • Indoor unit (Outdoor Units available through a customer scope of work)

  • Front and back doors swing 180 degree

  • Heavy duty steel hinges on the left side of doors

  • The door design minimizes potential water and dust entry (NEMA-3R)

  • Double metal panel construction with a layer of insulation material in between

  • Mechanical lock with 4 locking points to ensure a tight closing, physical security against vandalism and reduced deformation if the door is exposed to very high temperatures

Installation and maintenance
  • Structure fully assembled in factory with interior cabling

  • The 42 Models are available in Flat Pack for onsite delivery and assembly for restricted access sites

  • The 42 Models Structure can be broken down and reassembled on site

  • Wood pallet base, protected sides protected with bubble wrap roll and plastic foil

  • High resistant steel eyebolts for elevation and transportation of the Micro Datacenter

  • Removable side panels for InRow unit maintenance

  • Front door for access and back panel for an easy maintenance

Facilities monitoring
  • Monitoring unit Netbotz 450 with Temperature, Humidity,Intrusion and Smoke sensors

  • External CCTV Camera Pod 160

  • 24 Port 10/100/1000 Ethernet Switch

  • Data Center Expert Virtual

  • Leak Detection rope or sensors

  • Struxureware DCIM DCO and DCE with Intel DCM and Capacity Manager Micro Datacenter bundle included with one year maintenance and support contract (entitlement extensions are available)

Security and access control
  • Electronic lock and Netbotz rack access handle on front and rear doors with HID proximity cards


Legal Disclaimer: Products sold prior to the November 1, 2015 separation of Hewlett-Packard Company into Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company and HP Inc. may have older product names and model numbers that differ from current models.

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