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CUSTOMER ADVISORY: VSS agent (vssbar.exe) could crash if VSS meta database (VSSDB) threshold is reached


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CUSTOMER ADVISORY: VSS agent (vssbar.exe) could crash if VSS meta database (VSSDB) threshold is reached
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Release Date: 2014-08-08

Last Updated: 2014-08-13


VSS agent could crash in init phase during restore of Exchange database because of too many metadata files in VSS metadata database (VSSDB). VSSDB is located in vssdb/metadata60 directory and it contains metadata files for tape backups.


This advisory provides information about cleanup of VSS meta database (VSSDB) in DP so that Exchange database restore is finished successfully.


For successful restore of Exchange database without crashing of VSS agent, VSSDB must be cleaned from excessive files (method 1) or user must use alternate method to increase threshold for number of files (method 2). VSSDB database is not cleaned automatically during any DP maintenance activity and can accumulate very large number of files. Since metadata files are standalone (i.e. not linked to any other entity) and replicated to tape (vssbar.exe restores the file from tape if it is not found in the VSSDB), it is safe to manually move files from vssdb/metadata60 directory to relieve the pressure and allow the VSSDB query to proceed.

Method 1:
  • Clean VSSDB using Perl script which can be found in Data Protector patches SSPNT621_007 (for DP 6.2x) and SSPNT700_038 (for DP 7.0x).

To perform necessary cleanup of database, number of excessive files must be calculated by using and then manually removed from database by deleting or moving excessive files to other location.

Note: Make sure that you are using Perl from /opt/omni/bin (to find which Perl is used, execute command:which perl ).

To perform files calculation that needs to be moved, execute command: -version|-help|-softmax <value>

Script traverses the files in <PANCONFIGDB>>/vssdb/metadata60 directory, calculates (based on average filename length) and recommends how many files to move.


root@dataprot:/opt/omni/lbin# ./
Total[bytes]: 12133504
Softmax[bytes]: 16777215
#Files: 71017
OK - VSSDB size is below maximum.

It is possible to specify own softmax (to match omnirc variable, if you desire to change it):

root@dataprot:/opt/omni/lbin# ./ -softmax 12000000
Total[bytes]: 12133504

Softmax[bytes]: 12000000
#Files: 71017
ERR - Maximum VSSDB size exceeded. You need to move 829 files from
/var/opt/omni/server/db40/vssdb/metadata60 to reach the acceptable size.

Method 2:
  • Increase threshold for number of files in VSSDB by setting omnirc variable OB2_DYNBUFMAX

To increase threshold for number of files that VSSDB can contain, alternative method is to set omnirc variable OB2_DYNBUFMAX on VSS host to higher value. Default value is 16777215 (=16MB).

  • Setting it to a value four times higher (67108860) should stop vssbar.exe from crashing:


Hardware Platforms Affected: Not Applicable
Components Affected: Exchange agent, VSS agent
Operating Systems Affected: Not Applicable
Software Affected: Not Applicable
Third Party Products Affected: Not Applicable
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