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Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 - Unable to Use SIP Address Type Within Email Address Policy (EAP)


User is unable to use SIP address type within Email Address Policy (EAP). Email Address Policy does not work for SIP: address type and it rejects it as an unknown address-type in Active Directory.

But when one uses Email Address Policy to deploy to all mailboxes for SIP address-type, user may get an error:

"The following error occurred during validation in agent 'Rus Agent': 'Failed to valid the proxy address template "". Additional information: Failed to find the address type object in Active Directory for address type "SIP:AMD64".

However user is manually able to add SIP address.


By product design only below Non-SMTP email addresses can added using Exchange E-Mail Address Policy.

Possible work around is to manually adding the SIP address via a tool like Admodify or scripts.

Non-SMTP e-mail address. The following types of non-SMTP e-mail addresses are supported:

  • EX (Legacy DN Proxy Address Prefix DisplayName)

  • X.500

  • X.400

  • MSMail

  • CcMail

  • Lotus Notes

  • Novell GroupWise

  • Exchange Unified Messaging proxy address (EUM proxy address)

NOTE: In Exchange, all non-SMTP e-mail addresses are considered custom addresses. Exchange doesn't provide unique dialog boxes or property pages for X.400, GroupWise, or Lotus Notes e-mail address types. If user adds a non-SMTP custom e-mail address, user must have the appropriate dynamic-link library (DLL) files. If user does not provide the appropriate DLL files, user would not be able to create a customized e-mail address policy. The following error will be logged in Event Viewer: "The e-mail address description object in the Microsoft Exchange directory for the 'SADF' address type on 'i386' machines are missing."

Above information has been taken from below article for quick reference.

Click here to access Microsoft TechNet article "Understanding E-Mail Address Policies" Non-HPE site .

Additional links:

Click here to access the Microsoft TechNet article "Exchange 2010 SP1 - Bulk Add E-mail Address" Non-HPE site


NOTE: One or more of the links above will take you outside the Hewlett-Packard Web site, HP does not control and is not responsible for information outside of the HP Web site.

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