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HP Smart Array 532 Controllers - System Configuration Utility



For the following 3 configuration utilities, See the Smart Array 532 Controller User Guide (1388K) Chapter 7.

  • ORCA - Option ROM Configuration for Arrays

  • ACU - Array Configuration Utility

  • CPQONLIN - NetWare's menu-driven utility.


System Configuration Utility

The System Configuration Utility (SCU) can be used to set controller order, and to create, populate, and update a system partition. It is provided on both the SmartStart and Support Software CD and the Smart Array 532 Controller Support Software CD. Compare the SCU version numbers from these two sources and use the most recent version.

NOTE: If the server uses a ROM-based configuration utility, the System Configuration Utility will not need to be run.
  1. While the server is rebooting, insert the CD into the CD-ROM drive.

  2. From the <CD-ROM drive>:\SYSCFDSK\US directory, run QRST5.EXE and follow the on-screen instructions to create four SCU diskettes.

  3. Insert diskette #1 into the server diskette drive.

  4. Boot the system.

  5. Select the System Configuration Utility option from the menu (or list of icons) that is displayed.

  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to create and populate (or update) a system partition.

  7. If the Smart Array 532 will not be the boot controller, exit from the SCU. Otherwise, continue with the remaining steps in this procedure.

  8. SCU will announce that new hardware has been detected. Press Enter to start configuring the hardware.

  9. When the SCU main screen is displayed again, select Review or Modify Hardware Settings from the menu.

  10. At the next screen, select View or Edit Details from the menu.

  11. Scroll down the list and select the Smart Array 532 Controller from the menu.

  12. Set the Controller Order to First and press F10 , then press F10 again.

  13. On the menu, select Save and Exit .

  14. Press Enter to confirm the choice.

If the server does not reboot or a CD error message is displayed, press Ctrl+Alt+Del to continue and reboot the server.


Making the Logical Drive Accessible

Raw logical drives created using ACU, ORCA, or CPQONLIN are invisible to the operating system. To make the new logical drives available for data storage, format the logical drive. Follow the instructions given in the operating system documentation.


Updating the Compaq Insight Manager Agents

Refer to the documentation included with Compaq Insight Manager for the correct procedure to update the agents. If the new agents do not seem to function correctly, update the Compaq Insight Manager. The Compaq Insight Manager Agents can be obtained from the local Compaq Reseller or Authorized Compaq Service Provider. The latest versions of the Compaq Insight Manager and Management Agents are also available for download at .


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