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DIGITAL Workstation 433a - Overview

Product Description

DIGITAL Personal WorkStation a / au - Series
DIGITAL Personal WorkStation MiataGL Series
  • The a-Series system was preloaded with the Windows NT operating system. In addition, it includes the Enhanced IDE (EIDE) interface with up to four internal devices.

  • The au-Series system was preloaded with the DIGITAL UNIX operating system.


Product Features

Miata 433a/500a/600a - Series
MX5 433au/500au/600au - Series
Miata GL 433/500/600/Chill
DIGITAL Semiconductor 21164 CPU
Two- or four-MB optional SRAM Bcache.
Data path width: 128-bits data plus 16-bits ECC.
DC21164A (EV56) Alpha CPU
Two MBytes of optional synchronous SRAM backup cache (four and eight MByte modules later)
32 to 1.5GB of ECC-protected main memory (SRAMs mounted on DIMMs).
EIDE controller:
Supports up to four internal devices. (CD and Disk)
CDrom Only supported on au-Series and Miata GL
Universal Serial Bus (USB)
not supported
not supported
Universal Serial Bus (USB) with two external connectors
Five option slots:
Slot 1. 32-bit PCI (half-size)
Slot 2. 32-bit PCI/ISA combination (half-size)
Slot 3. 32-bit PCI/ISA combination (half-size)
Slot 4. 64-bit PCI/ISA combination (full-size)
Slot 5. 64-bit PCI (full-size)
100 Mbps (100BaseT, Twisted Pair) Ethernet, or optional 10 Mbps (10BaseT, Twisted Pair; and 10Base2, ThinWire)
Onboard audio
CD-quality audio.
Six drive bays:
One 3.5-inch front accessible (floppy diskette drive).
Three 5.25-inch front accessible devices (half-height [1.6-inch]).
Two internal 3.5-inch drives (low-profile [1.0-inch]).
Microsoft Windows NT
UNIX (also capable of supporting OpenVMS)
Microsoft Windows NT
Digital UNIX
Linux (not supplied by DIGITAL)


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Legal Disclaimer: Products sold prior to the November 1, 2015 separation of Hewlett-Packard Company into Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company and HP Inc. may have older product names and model numbers that differ from current models.

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