Download software

To download drivers and software for your product, complete the following steps:

  1. Search for the software. For search help and recommendations, see Search for drivers and software.

    In the search results, on the Drivers and Software tab, the software is listed in a table with the following columns:

    • Software Type | Subtype—The type of software.
    • Severity—Hover over the severity icon to see its value or click More details in the Title column to see the severity value.
    • Title—The name of the software package. Click More details to see a description of the software package.
    • Current Version—The latest version of the software package.
    • Operating Environment—The operating systems on which the software package can be installed. Click More details in the Title column to see the operating environments in more detail.
    • Revision History—Click to see the current and previous versions of the software package.
  2. When you have found the driver or software you need, click the Title to go to a page where you can download and view more information about the package.

    The following tabs are available to find more details about the software package. Note that not all tabs will appear with all software.

    • Description—Details about the software.
    • Enhancements—Description or link to enhancements made in this release.
    • Installation Instructions—Special instructions for installing the software.
    • Release Notes—Notes about the software release.
    • Fixes—Lists any issues resolved in the current version.
    • Important—Important information about this software release.
    • Revision History—Full history of revisions made to the software package.
  3. Some software may require you to login first in order to download. Depending on the type of software one of two buttons will be available:

    • Download: This button immediately begins the software download.
    • Obtain software: This button indicates that when you click the button you will be redirected to a different portal that may require you to login.

      Note that some content is hosted on non-HPE sites. You will be redirected to a webpage that is unaffiliated with HPE. HPE does not assume any responsibility for its content.