Diagnostic passwords

HPE has proprietary hardware diagnostic support tools for specific products, such as HPE 9000 and HPE Integrity servers running HP-UX. These tools are password protected.

HPE service personnel use these tools to perform hardware support. HPE also provides certain customers access to the passwords to use these tools. See Diagnostic passwords in the main menu.

If you have access to these tools, you should only use them if you are knowledgeable about them, since misuse can result in serious system problems. If you inadvertently cause damage to your system through misuse of these tools and need HPE help repairing that damage, you will incur additional expense not covered by your support agreement.

The available passwords are displayed in a table listing the appropriate system type and the time period for which the password is valid. You need a new password to run the diagnostic support tools once the limited time period expires, which is typically every six months, beginning February 1 and August 1. Information about how to apply the passwords is displayed below the table.

The password may be replaced by one of two terms:

  • Expired - The time period has elapsed and a new password is not currently available.
  • Obsolete - The system is no longer supported, so that a password is either no longer required or available.

In both cases no time period is shown.