Customer Self Repair

Customer Self Repair (CSR) is available for certain products. If available, the link is in the landing page of a product, which you can reach as the result of a search:

Customer self repair - replacement option type

CSR is available in most countries. It allows HPE to ship replacement parts directly to you once a failure has been confirmed. Parts are generally shipped overnight. CSR warranty terms and conditions are included in the warranty statement for the product, which can be found in the box with the product.

Check eligibility

Check the status of the warranty that covers the product using Warranty check.

Determine the self-replacement option type

On the CSR page for a product, a table lists the parts and the self-replacement option available for each:

Customer self repair - replacement option type

The options are:

  • Mandatory. On-site or return-to-depot support for replacement of this part is not provided under the warranty. You can install this type of part yourself or pay HPE service personnel to do it. It typically does not need tools to replace, consists of a single part, has minimum cabling, and is plug-and-play.
  • Optional. You can replace this type of part yourself or have it replaced by HPE service personnel at no additional charge during the warranty period. Replacement may require tools, the removal of other parts, more involved cabling, and configuration and setup following replacement.

You can replace parts yourself even if you have packaged support or a contract that provides on-site support. Ask that the replacement parts be shipped directly to you. You can then replace the parts at your convenience.

If you do not want to replace a part yourself, and the product is covered by a warranty, you can, in countries where it is allowed, purchase on-site replacement of the part by HPE service personnel. The cost will include only labor and travel because the parts are covered under the warranty.

If you damage a part while replacing it, the situation is the same as if HPE service personnel damaged the part. The warranty will cover the second repair.

Order parts

Customer self repair - order parts

How you order parts depends on the state of the product warranty:

  • If active, submit a support case using the Support Case Manager (SCM). Click the Submit or manage support cases link.
  • If expired, click the Buy replacement parts link.

Status & assistance

Fill in the form to get help on an existing SCM case, such as the status of a replacement part. Be sure to pick a subject and include the case number:

Customer self repair - status and assistance

Instructions and videos

This tab provides a link to repair videos and animations, if any, and lists links to instructions for removing and replacing parts of the product:

Customer self repair - instructions and videos