Message log

The message log is a list of messages about remotely supported devices that are registered to your HPE Passport ID or that are in device groups shared with you:

View message log from the Dashboard

The message log contains information about:

  • Monitoring
  • Registration and connection problems
  • Overdue communications
  • Status of batch processes submitted for completion of device registration
  • The update of service information

Access the message log from the submenu in various locations. The messages that display depend on where you access the log:

Area Messages shown for:
Dashboard All devices
All devices view All devices
Device group page Devices in the device group
Individual device page Individual device

Each message in the log contains fields for time generated, message type, identifier (device name) and description.

Message log sample

By default the listing is sorted by Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) generated, not converted to the time zone specified in your profile. Click the column heads to sort by those fields. Select a message type from the View drop-down list at the top to display messages of a particular type. Click the description field to display the individual message, or hover over the field to see the first 290 characters of the description.

In an individual message, click the device name to go to the overview for that device.

Messages are for remotely supported devices only, not manually added devices.