My document repository

In the HPE Support Center you can browse to My Document Repository in the following ways:

  • Option 1: main menu > My Document Repository.
  • Option 2: My IT Environment > My document repository.

My document repository provides you, as an authorized customer, access to documents that service agents are sharing with key contacts within your company. The document repository is a cloud-based software solution provided by iManage Share that is designed to help your business securely store and access information for better collaboration. Customers with the service level of Proactive Care Advanced or higher are eligible to have a document repository created for their company by their HPE account team.

If you have received an invitation to activate your iManage Share account you should do so, by setting up a password according to the invitation. Once you have done this, when you are signed in to HPE Support Center, you can click the My document repository link to go directly to your document folder.

If you have not activated this account, the link is still active but you will not be able to sign in.

Note that iManage Share performs maintenance every other Saturday 12 AM - 3 AM US Eastern time, during which access to your documents may be limited.