My Customers

HPE Authorized Channel Partners can view and manage customer devices by using the Insight Online My Customers tab.

Note: When using Insight Online, each HPE Passport ID can support a maximum of 1,500 devices.

This tab is only visible to those who are recognized as a partner at sign in. If HPE Support Center recognizes you as a channel partner, you can reach My Customers in the following ways:

  • Option 1: main menu > My Customers.
  • Option 2: If you are already in Insight Online and want to return to the dashboard, click the My Customers tab.

There are two types of HPE Authorized Channel Partner:

  • HPE Authorized Reseller. To become an HPE Authorized Reseller, a company must apply to become a partner on the Partner Portal and meet certain criteria. Once approved, HPE will assign the company a partner location ID. Individuals at the partner company can register to become users of the partner portal. During registration, users create an HPE Passport ID that is linked to their company’s location ID. The same HPE Passport ID is used to sign in to Insight Online. Insight Online will identify you as an Authorized Reseller.

  • HPE Authorized Service Partner. Upon reaching a level of HPE sales, HPE offers your company, as an HPE Authorized Reseller, training to deliver break-fix service as a ServiceOne partner. If this is of interest, your company can become accredited as an HPE Authorized Service Partner. Once HPE accredits your company, Insight Online automatically identifies you as an HPE Authorized Service Partner at sign in.

    Note: For brevity, 'channel partner', 'reseller' and 'service partner' are used in this document for the above terms.

If a customer does not assign a channel partner, service delivery defaults to HPE. As a channel partner, you have the option to have Insight RS cases automatically routed to you.