Searching the Help

When searching the Help, use these tips to improve your search results.

Search tips

To limit your search to a specific area of the Help, select a category from the search filter.

Here are some examples of the syntax you can use for searching:

Type To find
"find me"
(in quotes)
Topics that include the exact phrase, "find me".

find me

find + me

find and me

find & me

Topics that include both the words “find” and “me”, but not necessarily as a phrase.

When separating terms with a blank space, the and is always inferred.

find or me

find | me

Topics that contain either "find" or "me" (or both), in any order.

not “find me”

! ”find me”

Topics that do not include the phrase “find me”.
find ^ me Topics that include the word “find” but not the word “me”.

Use parentheses to combine Boolean phrases and search terms.

Note: If your search string includes a % symbol, the search does not return any results.